Providing Excellent Fire Safety Services

Red Rocks Fire Protection provides National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) inspections accompanied by written reports about system deficiencies. We also keep detailed examination and service records that help maintain and ensure the ongoing reliability of your systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

We perform inspections and testing of all fire alarm systems. These include wet and dry pipe, preaction, deluge, standpipe, and antifreeze systems (including residential).

         A fire alarm has three critical functions:

  1. Detection: A fire alarm system must accurately detect the presence of an igniting fire.
  2. Notification: All occupants must be quickly notified on the alarm condition so that they can immediately exit the premise.
  3. Notifying the Proper Authority: The fire department must be promptly notified, as well as the properties management.

Standpipe System, Preaction, and Deluge Fire Systems

A standpipe system is a series of valves and hose connections for firefighters to connect to when extinguishing a fire. Preaction and deluge fire systems are special applications of a fire sprinkler system, such as freezers, highly flammable conditions, and expensive equipment.

Fire Sprinkler System

Our company maintains, services, and repairs all types of fire suppression systems. The interface of the fire sprinkler system with the fire alarm system is a critical interface that must be tested and maintained for full life safety coverage.

Wet Sprinkler System

These systems are the most common. They have piping that is filled with water, which is released when a specific fire sprinkler head is activated.

Dry Sprinkle System

When a system is exposed to freezing temperatures, the pipe is pressurized with air. When a fire sprinkler head is activated, the air pressure drops. A water valve opens and turns the system into a “wet system.”

Antifreeze Sprinkler System

When a fire sprinkler system is exposed to freezing temperatures, the piping can be filled with fire system antifreeze. This antifreeze protects the system from freezing and allows the water to flow when there is an activated fire sprinkler head.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

We service all types of portable extinguishers. These include recharging an extinguisher that has been discharged, as well as the required 6-year internal service and the 12-year pressure testing of the extinguisher bottle.


We provide 24/7 monitoring services for all life safety systems. We monitor fire alarm, security, elevator, and areas of refuge systems.


All fire systems are required by law to be tested at least annually. Hopefully, the functions of a fire alarm and sprinkler system are never used and sit idle between annual testing and inspections. Therefore, it is critical to test whether the components of a fire system are actually functioning.

Our company also thoroughly tests and inspects life safety systems. We provide full test reports to all required jurisdictions, along with a summary of corrections needed.

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